Matt’s solo rendition of Manha de Carnaval is a masterpiece. I've never heard better. Larry Coryell

The Matt Richards Group does not play your grandfather's brand of jazz, unless that patriarch happens to be John McLaughlin. The energized sound this trio produces is most definitely 21st century and their collective interaction borders on psychic. Whether on six-string guitar or a fretless 11-string hybrid, Richards is truly a guitarist's guitarist.

Impossible to define and largely improvisational.... One In Mind suggests a musician who’s always going to be pushing the boundaries. Acoustic

The Power Trio Jazz Project has the highly energized, interactive approach to music that essentially defines modern jazz. Events

One In Mind offers evidence of Matt's versatility. Most of the tracks were recorded live, including jazz standards recorded with Bill Zola in the early 1990s that may owe as much to the influence of Bill Evans as to Django Reinhardt.

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