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Bb blues chord changes (9/26/14)

One of the more interesting concepts in arranging music is chord voicings. While most often associated with jazz, re-voicing and extending the voicings of chords need not be limited to one style of music. While there are certain progressions and voicings that fulfill the expectations of what typical 'jazz' sounds like, if you become acquainted with harmonies that 'stretch your ears' you will open up new ideas across the board.

This is an example of the way I play a Bb jazz-style blues - I've notated the fingerings in chord symbols this time (which I think everyone knows how to read). This progression serves as  an example of how I extend harmonies and tie a progression together. In this case I don't bend the basic form out of shape - the blues progression is still obvious. You can solo over these changes as you would any Bb blues.

Left Hand Finger Patterns

(for technique development)

Please Note: You are welcome to download these charts (right click and save).

Feel free to share, but I would appreciate that you mention where it came from. Thanks very much!


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