Just released!

Matt's newest release is an all-solo guitar outing that features new compositions, new versions of his established music and Matt's renditions of other artists' music all performed with one guitar, a Godin LaPatrie classical. "For a time, I feared this recording would never see the light of day -- now, it's here."

Released 2012

"During recent preformances with my group a number of listeners asked if I was playing a solo set. Many asked about a new solo guitar release. As I wasn't ready to initiate a new recording project, I decided to assemble a retrospective of only solo performances (along with several unreleased tracks) from my previous CDs."

Released 2008

An early incarnation of the Power Trio Jazz Project captured live at Chris' Jazz Cafe in Philadelphia. "When we arrived at Chris's we had no idea we'd be recording and, ultimately, releasing an album. In hindsight, that may have been a good thing."

Released 2008
Matt (on acoustic guitar and fretless glissentar) is joined in highly spontaneous live settings by bassist Bill Zola, guitarist Jim Goodin, keyboardist Don Slepian and Language of 3 for jazz duets, world music and a lot more. It also includes the long-anticipated duets with bassist Bill Zola.

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