Workshops / Masterclasses / Instruction

Drawing upon over 40 years of playing music and 20 years of teaching guitar, Matt Richards conducts both workshops and masterclasses for groups and provides personal musical instruction for individuals at all levels of musical ability.

In his workshops, Matt provides insight into the mechanics of playing the guitar and the factors utilized to create music. Depending upon the audience, the focus of his workshops will vary from more generalized (how a guitar produces music, playing styles, components of music) to player-specific (technical aspects of the guitar, playing techniques, musical components, equipment). Regardless of the audience, Matt plays both technical demonstrations and performances during every workshop.

Matt’s masterclasses are intended for individuals with at least a moderate level of musical experience. Conducted in small groups (two to six players with their instruments), Matt focuses on specifics of technique, sound, style and music theory with each participant playing and interacting directly with Matt.

Through personal musical instruction Matt has worked with many individuals ranging in ages from 6 to 75 years of age, from complete beginners to seasoned players. As most programs held in conjunction with concerts are limited in time to one or two days, a player with at least a moderate level of ability will benefit the most from an individual lesson. Matt provides specifics regarding playing techniques, rhythm, scales and performance suggestions for contemporary electric, jazz, classical and modern fingerstyle players.

In addition to private lessons in the Philadelphia PA (USA) vicinity, Matt offers individualized lessons through Skype. Intermediate through advanced players can benefit from Matt's personalized instruction from anywhere in the world. Contact Matt for additional information: